Various Design Of Dog Wash Sink For Modern House

Well, you may think that a sink is only placed in the kitchen. However, there is a sink which has function instead of cleaning the kitchen equipment. It is called dog wash sink. This sink is special for washing dogs body. Do you have a dog kept in your house? Perhaps, you need to build a dog wash sink.

A dong wash sink for modern house can be made simple, as the picture shows, that the dog wash sink only uses a simple bathtub. This white bathtub concept has square shape like normal bathtub used by human, but this is a little bit smaller. The other thing you need is a shower fixture to clean up your dog.

The other dog wash sink has black coloring design. This dog wash sink looks so classic. It is a bit different from the earlier sink, this dog sink is like common sink found in the kitchen. You just need a small shower fixture anyway. You can clean up your dog white you are standing.

For the special concept of dog wash sink uses very good design. This sink is like a small diy bathroom and has square cube shape. This is kind of portable dog wash sink that can be moved any where. Since, this is a portable thing, so it has legs like table legs.

It is just the same as other simple dog wash sink which has long legs and uses small bathtub concept. you can see it from the picture where a woman is cleaning up her dog in a sink. Well, from this brief article, you can now choose what kind of dog wash sink do you want to have.

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