Striking Faux Finishes For Walls Ideas

Faux painting design originally came from French design. As you notice, many royal French design used marble material from the flooring to the ceiling. The basic idea of faux painting is to imitate the use of marble material through the painting technique to create the likely effect. The faux finishes for walls painting will give the marble-like effect on your wall. The dominant color of this classic design is rustic color. Rustic color has indeed been so famous since long time ago. The effect from the color is close to gold that symbolize glory. That is why it is used widely for the royal design. However, some people do not much money to use marble material. Thus, it was invented faux painting technique.

Implementing faux finishes for walls to your wall will give your home strong classic atmosphere. It is what makes many people admire this painting technique. Basically, implementing faux painting is not that difficult. What you need to have is just high sense of art. First thing first that you need to do is to combine some color to have more realistic rustic color. Afterwards, you can choose some painting techniques. The techniques will influence the texture of the wall. Besides, you can also implement the use of plastic tape to make a certain pattern to your wall. Basically, there is limitless possibility that you can do with faux painting for your faux finishes walls. It depends on your own preference.

Faux finishes for walls might offer you fascinating painting idea or your design. Most faux painting is also often combined with the application of decorative plant. Decorative plant will make your faux wall looks more alive and gorgeous just like the royal classic French home decoration. Thus, what kind of faux painting do you want to apply today?

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